Pedicure Ladder for Parrot African Grey 9 Steps

/Pedicure Ladder for Parrot African Grey 9 Steps

pedicure ladder for parrot

Dimensions: 13.5cm x 45cm

Suitable for African Greys and Cockatoos

Code: A1431

Practical ladder rough textured rungs to help groom feet and nails.

Using an array of materials you can customize your Parrot’s pedicure ladder in an almost limitless number of ways. Tying rope or leather for your Parrot to undo and chew is just one way. Using chain or rope to fasten each of the corners to your bird`s cage (creating a bridge, platform or swing) is another way of making this pedicure ladder more entertaining.

The more your Parrot enjoys playing on their pedicure ladder, the more they benefit from the rough materials covering the rungs, which acts like tree bark, wearing your Parrot’s nails down, keeping them trim.

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