Pedicure Ladder for Budgies & Small Birds 9 Steps

/Pedicure Ladder for Budgies & Small Birds 9 Steps

Pedicure Ladder for Small Birds


Dimensions: 39cm x 7.5cm

Code: A1429

Suitable for Budgie, Cockatiel, Conure – S, Meyers and Senegals and Lovebird

Promotes active play and helps to keeps your bird`s feet healthy.
Each of the rungs on this five step pedicure ladder have a rough
coating applied. Birds love climbing around and with a ladder it
is made much easier to get to where they are going.

As your bird climbs up or along the rungs the rough surface helps
to keep their nails trim, preventing uncomfortable over growth
and reducing the need to stress your bird by catching them in
order to cut their nails.

Most birds love using rough surface to rub their beak on, this
too helps to keep it trim, sharp and in good overall condition.

So whilst your bird is happily going up and down their ladder
they are keeping fit, staying active and enjoying the benefits of
a pedicure at the same time.

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