Parrot Training Clicker with Target Stick

/Parrot Training Clicker with Target Stick

Parrot Training Clicker and Target Stick

Dimensions: 24cm long when fully extended

Code: A1439

Suitable for parrot training.

Teach your parrot or parakeet to be a great pet using the Parrot Training Clicker with Target Stick. It is incredibly useful for teaching good behavior such as step up, to come out of the cage, to go onto other people’s hand, not to be scared of new toys, and even to put on a harness.

Use a clicker with target stick to teach amazing parrot tricks including turn-around, go through tube, go down a slide, obstacle course, and more. Use these clickers to achieve the best training results by employing positive reinforcement and clicker training techniques.

Parrots learn behaviors much quicker when using a clicker as a bridge to signal the moment the correct behavior is achieved.

Parrot Training Clicker with Target Stick can be used for training all kinds of parrots and parakeets including: Budgerigar, Cockatiel, Senegal Parrot, Conure, African Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, Cockatoo, Macaw, and many more. These clickers can also be used to train a cat, dog, mouse, rat, pigeon, chicken, or ferret.




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