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The aglet heaven bird toy S is 2″ in diameter. Lace length is 5 1/2″ and hanging length – 9″.

Material: Shoelaces

Code: A1433

Suitable for: Canary, Lovebird, Parakeet

What bird can resist the ‘thingy’ at the end of a shoelace? Here’s an almost never ending the supply of rainbow
shoelaces and aglets the ‘thingy’. The laces are made of 100% cotton with non-toxic colors and tied to a plastic ring.

Once the aglets are gone other goodies can be tied on individual laces that can be tied anywhere and everywhere a birdie likes to sit or play.

Tie 1 tie 2 tie as many as you like.These laces are very comforting to birds who are new to a home new cage are afraid nervous or tired. They sit and chew
and when they finish one there are much more to go.Many birds sit and chew with their eyes closed running the aglet back and forth. How
sweet is that?

The aglet heaven is the bestseller among hundreds of toys in the market. You will find lots of interesting reviews from amazon canada. Here below is one of the reviews.

We have a cockatiel whose truest desire in life is to destroy my husband’s shoelaces. He ignored nearly all other toys, totally uninterested, preferring to bide his time, waiting for an unattended shoe. So when I saw this, I was hoping he would love it, but totally expected him to ignore it like every other toy. But I was wrong! He absolutely adores this toy. He sticks his entire head and body inside of it, just reveling in all of the hot aglet action. He particularly enjoys that the shoelaces are designed to have maximum aglet space by placing the plastic not just on the ends, but in the middle of the string as well. I’ll definitely be buying more of these for Mr. Chell and I’m sure he’ll be the happiest bird on the block.”


Aglet Heaven Toy for Lovebird

Aglet Heaven Toy for Cockatoo

Aglet Heaven. A most favorite bird toy! Very hard to find!

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