Aglet Heaven Shoelace Bird Toy Large

/Aglet Heaven Shoelace Bird Toy Large

Aglet Heaven Parrot Toy

Size : Large  16″ x 4″ x 1″ . The ring is 4” in diameter. Lace length – 8 1/4″ Hanging Length – 14″.

Materials: Shoelaces

Code: A1434

Suitable for: Cockatiels, Caiques, Conures


The Aglet Heaven Shoelace toy satisfies the urge parrots have to chew the plastic aglets off the ends of shoelaces.This will keep your feathered family member busy for hours; popular for pluckers and overpreeners. 

Save your shoelaces and refill the ring with more shoelaces. 

Please see one of the interesting feedbacks from Amazon as follows.

I have 2 birds who love this toy. My conure is an over-preener and likes to get the plastic bits off of the toy. My caique loves to surf (rub) on it and weave the laces between the bars of the cage. I really need to get a new one though. They’ve already annihilated this one!








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