CoffeeWood Dog Chewable Stick Bone

There’s no question that providing a dog chew can do a lot benefits to your dog’s health. There are plenty of choices to choose, but why CoffeeWood dog chew stick in particular ? 

The answer lies in the fact that it’s safer, healthier and most importantly, longer-lasting. Other than that, clean wood smell is quite appealing to dogs.

CoffeeWood is less prone to splinter

Just like any other chews, natural wood is not 100% safe and the biggest concern can be that most of the wood splinters quite easily. Splintering poses a lot hazards to dog, such as choking and blockage caused by larger pieces of wood.

Being mindful of that, CoffeeWood Chew Stick is the best solution. It softens up as dogs chew it . When not in use, the wood dries up. However, your dog will chew off the wood over time, but only small bits of chips like sawdust will come off.

Tests have shown that coffee wood is made of soft and mushy pieces of pulp. However, some reviews claim that the coffee wood splintered. So what on earth happened ? Are there any particular circumstances that may cause the wood to splinter more easily than others ? Using a hammer, we managed to break off small splinters.

The difference leads us to wonder if the slobber plays an important role to soften the wood, thus reducing the chance to splinter.

So we did another test by soaking the wood in the water. After knocking the wood with the hammock, no splinters or shards broke apart.

With all these further studies, we recommend this all-wood dog chew or chomp to light to moderate chewers and super slobbery dogs.


Coffee Wood Chew Stick Day One


  Coffee Wood Chew Stick Week Six      

Only tiny fibers of wood come off, so you can be rest assured that the dog chew will not interfere your dog’s digestion or cause choking.

How to tell if the chew is too hard ?

So much for the talk of splinter. Another thing to bear in mind is that the least you would like to have is a chew toy that is too hard for your dog as it can lead to many tooth fractures. The simple way to test is to indent the toy with your finger nail. If it doesn’t yield, then it’s probably too hard  for your dog’s teeth. The coffee wood itself is hard and quite dense, but you can leave a slight mark with your fingernail.

Signs that your dog may take to wood chews

Each coffee wood chew or chomp you get is unique and sharp edges sanded off. What your dog gets is a smooth piece of wood that is safe to chew or chomp.

Just like any other dog toys, no one can guarantee you that your dog will take to a wood dog chew. However, there are some signs that indicate that wood may be something your dog loves.

For example , if your dog happily picks up a twig or stick while out on walk, then it may worth giving it a try.

As with any other toys for dogs to chew or chomp, the same rules also apply.

Toys should be only be given to your dog under supervision.

Meanwhile, the wood toy should be too large for your dog to swallow.

If they wear down to a size where they can be swallowed, toss it out.

To draw your dog’s attention to the wood chew, you can rub some cheese over the knobbly surface to make it more appealing. 

Our coffee wood dog chew stick is available in four different sizes…

Coffeewood Dog Chewable Stick
Java Wood Dog Chewable Stick

Coffee Wood Dog Chew Stick

Small 15cm Up to 10 kg
Medium20cmUp to 20 kg
Large25cmUp to 45 kg
Extra-Large35cmAbove 45 kg
Labrador happily gnawing the coffeewood stick

In addition to the coffeewood dog chew stick, we have dog chews in large chunk, also available in four sizes.

Coffeewood Dog Chew
Mighty Chew for Dog
Extra Small 8.9-11cm long, coffee wood dia3.8-6cm
Small12.5-15cm long, coffee wood dia5-7cm
Medium18-19.8cm long, coffee wood dia.8-10cm
Large20-23cm long, coffee wood dia.11-13cm
Bulldog chewing the coffeewood
Bulldog chewing the coffeewood