Coffee Wood Dog Chew

Offering something exciting to chew can always be a big challenge. With our Coffee Wood Dog Chew, you can be rest assured that your dog will chew the stick time and again.

We do it differently. Our products come from residual wood from the coffee cultivation – no tree is uprooted extra for us. Our philosophy ensures that natural landscapes remain untouched and a big part of the value added goes into the improvement of local living conditions.

Chewing gives natural dental care, reducing plaque and preventing gum disease. It’s 100% natural and contains ZERO calories and is FREE from caffeine and artificial ingredients.

Moreover, Coffee Wood Dog Chew is very hard, yet rewards your dog with a sense of achievement and in addition to that, its portable shape allows your dog to take it anywhere.

The Coffee Wood Stick is a close-grained type of wood, handcrafted and produced from a sustainable wood source.

Compared to other natural wood, Coffee Wood Stick is less prone to splinter.

Suitable for all dogs including overweight dogs and those with allergies. The Dog Stick is an ideal daily chew allowing your dog to chew time and time again thanks to its long lasting, extra tough form.

Our Chew Stick comes in four sizes. Welcome to check them in more details.

While most of the dogs love to chew wood sticks, we recommend supervision while play.