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You've got a friend.

Together we can feel
the love, the trust and joy.

Keeping a pet is like having a friend

Who doesn’t speak much, but still understands you.

You’ve got a friend. Together we can feel the love, the trust and joy.
It’s a fantastic thing to make products that our pets love and feel happy about.


Pet Bird

We design toys that your bird, couldn't resist giving
it a try. Our toys are crying for your parrot to preen,
shred, forage and climb up to. Of course, safety
always comes first in each and every detail of our
toys. We're sure you'll be impressed.

small animal

Small Animal

They are not merely fun chew toys. The toys can
also be very yummy and full of nutritional and
natural ingredients.

small animal
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Small Animal

Keeping fit is not only a big challenge for office
workers. You could very well spoil your rabbit with
all the foods and treats available in the market
See what agility equipments we have.

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Time to review the options of your dog's feeding
bowls. It's an exhausting job to weigh the pros and
cons. Choose the one that resists bacteria, FDA
approved and made from bamboo.



Who wouldn't love resting in a comfy chair and
taking a lazy afternoon nap with your cat around?
For those who likes nature, a bamboo cat furniture
brings you and your cat back to the time when
everything is on a slow pace and smells of the
tropical jungle.

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Featured Pet Products

Mini Basketball Hoop and Ball for Birds

Offer your bird a chance to shoot some hoops.
It’s a good toy for trick training. Recommended
to play with a training clicker. Suitable for
Cockatiel and Conure sized birds.

Bamboo Fan Bird Toy

Handcrafted from natural materials of corn
cobs, oyster shells,coco fibre, bamboo and
wood, this bamboo fan toy will keep your
bird busy with all the varied materials.

Bunny Agility Obstacle

A bunny is born to jump. This is the instinct
that is essential for survival. With a limited space
in the cage and plenty of food and treats to eat,
your bunny may very likely become obese!

Rodent Treats Rolling FoodBall Beat

Fully covered with tasty seeds and beet root,
the treats foodball is stuffed with delicate hays.
Ideal for all rodents and rabbits.
Provide essential nutrients while play.

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